A Walk On the Wild Side With Professor Pouncey the Bengal

If you’re a cat person then you are most likely familiar with the cat ‘tude that many indoor felines possess. That “I’m too good for this, human, rub my chin and then be gone!” attitude is par for the course for many cat owners. Many domesticated cats would never be caught dead trekking their precious paws through mud and water in the great outdoors. But Professor Pouncey is not like most cats. This beautiful Bengal will make you gasp as you scroll through the stunning portraits on his Instagram.  Move over Naomi Campbell, the world is Professor Pouncey’s runway now!

Take a look below at some of the beautiful nature photography starring Professor Pouncey and his befitting jade-green eyes, and follow him on Instagram for more!

Hmm tongue models are a rare breed – I think Pouncey could be America’s Next Top Tongue Model, don’t you?

What’s that eyeliner shade called though?

In addition to being fur-ociously fierce on the catwalk of life as a cat, Pouncey is also a serious advocate for the discontinuation of cat declawing.

Are we sure Pouncey wasn’t a snow leopard in a past life?

It’s finally the weekend!! Time to bounce!

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Lisa Miceli

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