A Treat’s-Eye View Of Precious Pups

There’s no such thing as too many dog videos, right? We agree. Here’s a new perspective on our furry friends with a close-up, treat’s-eye view from pup photographer The Dogist. Prepare yourself for all the snoots you can handle.

#dogmission: "Get the Cookie" – shot on Nikon's new #KeyMission170 camera, featuring Tara, Jazzy, Brie, Bella, Nugget, Ginger, & Tucker #ad

Posted by The Dogist on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Not enough dogs, you say? Well have another.

#dogmission: "Get the Cookie Pt. 2" – shot on Nikon's new #KeyMission170 camera, featuring Lola, Dakota, Elsa, Bella, & Louboutina #ad

Posted by The Dogist on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

That one was even better because it featured celeb pup Louboutina The Hugging Dog. If you haven’t heard of her, definitely look her up. She’s famous for hugging everyone she meets, which basically makes her one of the most adorable pups ever. Pup close-ups and a celeb all in one video? The Dogist has really outdone himself this time.

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Calla is is a southern lady living in the big city and she's always proud to have professional puppy-phile on her resume. She is obsessed with all things PetCon and can't wait for the next one! In her free time, she can be found trying to pet dogs she meets on the streets of NYC!

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