A Pregnant Pup Photo Shoot

Pregnancy announcements and photo shoots are all over Facebook. There are people in fields, others with their hands on their bellies, and others still comparing their baby belly’s to their husband’s beer belly. But we found one that beats all others: a maternity photo shoot for a pup.

Credit: Clayton Foshaug

Precious pup Fusee posed for the camera as she rocked her baby bump and a flower crown fit for a queen. Photographer Clayton Foshaug collaborated with Fusee’s human to capture these beautiful shots.

Credit: Clayton Foshaug

Just look at this beaming mom-to-be! Fusee’s human knew the photo shoot would be a good idea because “she is so photogenic.” She hadn’t realized, however, that her pet would be so popular on social media. A tweet with these pictures got over 208k likes.


Just a few days after that tweet was posted, Fusee gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. This left the rest of us wondering…where are the puppy pics?! No word yet, but we hope Clayton can work his magic again and snap some shots of these adorable new additions.

Credit: Clayton Foshaug

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