A Pawsitive Spin On Brooklyn’s L Train Shutdown

All pet owners know how difficult it can be to transport an animal around New York City – whether it’s taking their pet onto a crowded subway, or the struggles involved with ordering a car and hoping the driver is ok with having an animal on-board. The existing modes of pet-friendly transport are already lacking. Now imagine how much harder this sort of travel will be for Brooklyn residents once the L Train shuts down in April 2019.


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The impending shutdown of Brooklyn’s L Train is sure to cause chaos for the 225,000 (human) residents who will have to find a new way into Manhattan every day. The MTA’s mitigation plan involves adding new busses and ferries, but expects 75-85% those affected residents to take alternate subway lines. Anyone who is familiar with the MTA’s already-chronic delays and overcrowding, knows that without additional alternatives, this would be chaos. This is where The New L comes in. The ultimate mission of The New L is to increase accessibility to transportation for all Brooklynites during the L shutdown – four-legged passengers included. The New L will pick you up at your doorstep and get you to work in Manhattan Monday through Friday.


The New L has partnered up with PetInsider to run select pet-friendly fleets, so your furry friends can come along for the ride! Riders will wake up with peace of mind each morning knowing that they’ll have a guaranteed, reliable ride at their door, and that their pet can join them without question.


There will only be a select group of pet-friendly fleets during their initial launch, so be sure to get on the waitlist now, Brooklynites! Sign up here.

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