A Loving Retirement Home For Pets

While we refer to pretty much every dog as a “pup” and every cat as a “kitty,” the sad truth is that our beloved pets do get older. When something happens to the owners of senior pets, it can be difficult to find them another loving home. That’s where House With A Heart (HWAH) comes in. This senior pet sanctuary specializes in providing care for animals who have nowhere else to go.

While these pets may not have many years left, they still deserve the same love and care as any other animal. HWAH makes sure that every single dog or cat they take in gets the care they deserve and their mission is to provide a “Helping Hand” for all senior pets.

Credit: House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary/Facebook

Residents of HWAH enjoy a comfortable home, plenty of outdoor space, regular medical screenings, and high-quality food and treats. If a particular animal needs extra medical attention or a special diet, HWAH does everything they can to make it happen.

Pets with mobility problems are fitted with special carts to help them get around. Pets who have trouble with the bathroom wear diapers so they can still move around freely. Other serious problems, ranging from heart to breathing to dental are all managed by the HWAH volunteers and their veterinary specialists.

Credit: House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary/Facebook

All of this care and treatment doesn’t come easily. HWAH relies on a strong network of volunteers and donors to keep this operation going. Their website features specific funds you can donate to, such as “Faith’s Fund,” which helps defray some of the many medical costs that this organization incurs. In addition to monetary donations, HWAH also keeps a wish list of items that they regularly need.

While this cause isn’t all sunshine and smiles, it is still a very important one. Every pet deserves to have a dignified life and to be loved until the very end. For more on the residents of HWAH and the dedicated people who make it happen, check out this video from National Geographic:

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