A Girl And Her Giant Poodle BFF

No one can get between a girl and her BFF. In this case, BFF stands for Best Furry Friend. 1-year-old Mame and her giant poodle Riku are an inseparable pair that take some pretty adorable photos. Their grandmother documents their adventures on Instagram. Here are just some of the snaps you have to see:

Matching necklaces deserve matching smiles, too. Look at how proud this poodle pup looks to be wearing best friend accessories with her favorite little human.

A perfect doghouse for a perfect pup. Riku looks right at home with her cardboard castle and her pal Mame.

I’m getting some serious E.T. vibes here and I definitely don’t hate it. All Riku needs is a little red hoodie to complete the look.

First matching necklaces, now matching hats? These two are just too cute. They are the definition of #squadgoals.

Look how patiently Riku waits for Mame. This loyal pup lets her human enjoy some much-needed rocking horse time as she stays by her side.

Okay this one actually looks like they’re having a conversation and I can’t handle it. No doubt these two have their own secret codes.

A day at the park just isn’t complete without your BFF. These two are really killing their picturesque photoshoot in the wildflowers.

It seems like these two were fast friends from the start. The adventures of Riku and Mame are already adorable, and I’m sure we can look forward to many more.

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Sarah Cookson

Writer/Dog Enthusiast living in New York City. Only goes to parties in hopes there will be a dog there to hang out with. Her resolutions for 2017 were to eat healthier and pet more pups. Bet you can guess which one she stuck with.

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