A Dog’s Best Friend

People have said “A dog is a man’s best friend.” From what I’ve been told from other dog owners, this is a true statement for them. I can also attest that my dog, Tuna, is one of my best friends too, but truthfully, I also have other friends that are high up on the best friends list as well. Sorry Toons.

But this made me wonder, if we have other best friends, then maybe our dogs do too?

Besides me, Tuna’s best friend is a toy named Colin.

The first week Tuna came to live with me, my best friend (see what I mean?) gifted him a cute little toy that I always referred to as a Hipster Alien who had the most perfect given name, Colin. It was too good to change.

Well, Tuna fell in love with Colin from day one. They did everything together. Napped together, played together, flung around in the air together. They were inseparable.

Fast forward about a year into their bromance, I accidentally left Colin at a park. Not good at all. I searched for him everywhere, including a dumpster, (yes, I literally jumped into a dumpster for Tuna’s toy!) but he was nowhere to be found.

Out of sheer panic, I googled “hipster alien doll named Colin” in order to purchase Tuna a replacement. After a few moments, I located the manufacturer and I discovered that Colin wasn’t an alien, but he was actually an adorable monster from a company called Monster Factory, out of Toronto, Canada.

Although a replacement was on it’s way, I wasn’t sure if Tuna would accept the new guy, so in a desperate final attempt to locate his favorite toy, I posted a missing “persons” sign in the park, emphasizing that “This is not a joke.” Clearly I had high hopes that someone would return him. A little far fetched, I realise, but to my utter surprise, it actually worked! Two days later, I was contacted by a wonderful woman who explained to me that her Golden Retriever, Bronze, brought Colin back from the park, and when she returned him to Tuna, he responded with gratitude by flinging Colin high into the air.

Since then, we have accumulated over 15 Colins. In fact, Monster Factory sadly closed down their design studio as of last fall, but thankfully they sent Tuna a box full of Colin’s so that he would never be without a best friend.

So far, Tuna has only been introduced to about 7 of the 15 Colin’s, but he loves each of them the same, and I’m more than confident that he will love the other 8 the same as well. Surely they will all become his best friends.

Who or what is your dog’s best friend? Comment on Instagram.

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