9 Super-Chic Carriers for Your Posh Pet

Your furry friend probably fulfills two roles: your best friend and your favorite traveling companion. You provide the best food, quality care, and impeccable living surroundings. So, if you’re traveling in style, why shouldn’t your pet travel in style, too? Pet carriers are made with a wide variety of options, each offering specific features to meet your dog or cat’s needs. Here are some of the chicest designer options to consider. Kelsey Davis, editor of LuxAuthority, reveals her top picks for the air, the road, and beyond.


Distressed Leather Designer Dog Carriers by Midlee
If you’re looking for a perfect blend of quality, designer bag, and functionality, the distressed leather dog carrier by Midlee is it. The bag offers class and understated elegance with its genuine leather and unique design. There are large exterior pockets for treats and an inner clip so your dog is safely secured. This is a tote bag so its leather padded handle should fit comfortably over your shoulder. What’s beautiful about the high-quality design is that both men and women can travel with it.




Argo by Teafco Petagon Airline Approved Pet Carrier
This designer pet carrier is a favorite because it is airline approved and meets TSA requirements for passenger cabins. The top is mesh, and the side includes a mesh opening as well. The mesh is also durable, meaning your pet won’t be able to tear through it. It is a lightweight bag, suitable for pets 15 pounds and under, and comes with a tether to attach to your pet. You can carry cats, bunnies, and furry dogs in here. The light blue color and design provide a sturdy and sleek look.


Betop House Pet Carrier Tote Portable Dog Handbag
If you’re heading out to a picnic, outdoors golf tournament, or boarding a luxury ship for the weekend, this tote will fit right in. It’s a stylish handbag that offers mesh on both sides. Your up-to-eight-pounds dog can move around in it and lay down. It’s also comfortable and cool inside, letting air circulate and letting your pet breathe. There are side pockets for treats and poop bags, too.


Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag
This stylish, chic bag complements any fashionable outfit. You can pair it with your summer dresses, a night out at a chic club, or an afternoon shopping. It has a faux fur inner pad and roll-up side windows, providing lots of ventilation for your little pet. The bag has side pockets for your pet’s treats or for your own accessories. It’s a perfect fit for a Chihuahua or a Yorkie.




Betop House Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Purse for Travel
Another fashionable pet carrier you’ll want to have on your arm is Betop House’s soft-sided carrier purse. It has a top mesh cover and a security leash inside so your pet is safely secured. If you’re fashion-conscious, this pet carrier is an ideal choice because it looks like a purse. Take your furry friend with you to grocery stores, clothing stores, or outdoor restaurants. People will barely notice.


Doggie Design Sadie Michele Mia Black Faux Pebble Leather Pet Carrier
This chic pet carrier is lined with satin waterproof fabric and offers a comfortable pillow inside. There are air vents for your pet to breathe and a leash to keep your pet secure. If you need to take your pet to a black-tie event, don’t fret. This pet carrier will look like your designer purse.


Backbone Cowboy Style Faux Leather Pet Carrier
If you’re in the heart of cowboy country and you want to look the part, this Backbone cowboy style pet carrier will do the job. It is airline approved, has a built-in leash, and has lots of pockets. If your furry friend is roughly four pounds, then this bag is perfect.



Sleepypod Air In Cabin Pet Carrier
If the athletic look is more your style, than the Sleepypod Air In Cabin pet carrier will blend seamlessly with your look. It’s airline approved and comfortable for your pet. You can also use the carrier’s pass-through pocket to secure it to your own roll-on suitcase. These are for pets up to 17.5 pounds.


Next Level Pet Soft Sided Foldable Durable Pet Carrier
If you’re looking for a pet carrier that’s unisex, then consider the Next Level carrier. It’s a sturdy leather bag with mesh on all sides, and it is TSA approved for both cats and dogs. The high-quality bag offers function and durability, along with a D-ring that you can secure your pet to. It is recommended for dogs 18 pounds and under.


Kelsey is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars and the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well!


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