7 Pet Instagram Accounts That Are #LifeGoals

Since we’re all pet lovers here, it’s safe to assume that we’ve all seen The Secret Life of Pets and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. If you’re like us, you’ve wondered if that’s really how our pets’ lives are, because hey, we wouldn’t be surprised. These pet Instagram accounts prove that our pets are living their best lives and are just like us, (or even cooler).

Here are 7 pet Instagram accounts that you will be able to connect with on a personal level:

Who: @popeyethefoodie

Known for: Not having “table scraps” in her vocabulary because she gets a chair with a napkin around her neck and of course, being the dog everyone goes to for good eats in LA.

Why We Love Her: (Or are jealous of her!) She maintains her cute bod while eating all of this delicious food! What is her superpower and where can we get it?

Extra side of mimosa, please…

Who: @crusoe_dachshund

Known for: His wacky outfits! Whether that is sporting his classic sunglasses or dressing up as Darth Vader, he never fails to entertain and overload his audience with cuteness.

Why We Love Him: He knows how to relax, put his feet up in the sand, and enjoy life.

Just chilling, how ’bout you?

Who: @tunameltsmyheart

Known for: Showing off his perfect pearly white smile!

Why We Love Him: His fun and infectious spirit!

When your roommate catches you taking clothes from their closet…

Who: @oskar_the_blind_cat

Known for: His epic battle with a hair dryer on YouTube.

Why We Love Him: Sadly, Oskar died on February 5th, but he lived a meow-velous life. Keep following the account to see photos of his brother, Klaus!

When you finally open your eyes after hitting snooze ten times…

Who: @harlowandsage

Known for: Sadly, Sage passed away in 2013, but Indiana and Lightning joined the mix. They are known for showing off their cuteness for the camera!

Why We Love Them: They really know how to tug at our heartstrings with their puppy love!

When your co-workers say you can’t bring your dog to work with you…

Who: Smushball

Known for: #KillingIt even with 3 legs!

Why we love her: She’s feisty and fierce and sassy and sweet!

When someone takes the last fry…

Who: @dailydougie

Known for: Never failing to look cute.

Why We Love Her: She loves her naps but can also come out to play. What’s not relatable about that?

Waiting for the weekend like…

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