7 Adorable Cat Towels for Your Kitchen, Bath, and More

You know you’re a cat lover when…try to bring them along with you (outside the home), you regularly think about photoshoots for yours, and you follow various felines on Instagram.

It’s only natural that your decor match your affinity for your pet. What cuter way to add a little accent that with a graphic, illustrated, or embroidered cat moment? Here, our favorite towels for the kitchen, the bath, and beyond.


Cat Lover Kitchen Towel, $9
Guests will endlessly complement you on your good taste and sense of humor with this emboideredcotton option.



French Cats Kitchen Towel, $6
An adorable illustration has a little bit of whimsy but the black and white color scheme keeps it from being too cutesy.



Persian Cat Tea Towel, $18
The pattern of this tea towel adds a graphic touch to an oven handle or drawer handle. Bonus: The busy design hides stains.



Cat Flour Sack Towel, $14
Loving the simple design of this repeat pattern on a workhorse flour sack towel (read: you can’t destroy it).


Fawn Shoppe

5 Trees Cat Bath Towel, $74
If you want to go all out, we found the perfect abstract-design for your bath towels. Chic and refined, this one would look great slung over the rack.



Design Imports Cat Embellished Dishtowel, $10
The dishtowel that doesn’t quit. This 100% option will simultaneously dry the dihes and give a friendly message to visitors.


Bed, Bath & Beyond

Cats Bath Rug, $30
Okay, not techincally a towel, but too cute to resist. The gray and white palette would look adorable in the bathroom, but also in the corner of the living room or at the foot of the bed.

Photo: Paul on Unsplash


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