6 Ways To Help Pets Adjust To a New Home

Spring is prime moving time: Whether you’re relocating from one apartment to something nearby, upgrading homes, or going from one state (or country!) to another, there’s a flurry of planning, packing, moving boxes, and general chaos. No matter how small a move, the chance in environment can be confusing and stressful not only for you, but your pets. Behaviorist Amber L. Drake is here to help ease the transition for your furry friends. Here, her tips for making it as seamless as possible.


1. Keep the same or a similar routine. Too much change can result in unnecessary added stress. If your dog is used to a 7am walk, stick to the plan. It will help make new surroundings feel familiar quicker.

2. Make time for your dog during the packing/unpacking process to ease the transition. Yes, you’ll probably want to power through the hundreds of boxes, but take short breaks through the process to give your cat or dog a little attention.


3. Make sure their crate or bed is one of the first items to be set up. Along with their favorite blanket (one that smells like ‘home’) and toys to make it as familiar as possible. Let him/her know there’s a comfy and safe space ready, even if it’s not in the old home.

4. Be patient with a dog who is having a difficult time with the transition. Moving is an exciting, but stressful, time for all. Be prepared for some accidents for neediness. They have no idea what’s happening, and you can’t really explain it. Patience is key.


5. If you have a cat, put several litter boxes out around the house the first few days. Make it easy for him/her to find one. He/she won’t take long to adjust and you can begin eliminating them–and putting the one he/she did use (so they can smell it) in your preferred spot.

6. Make the first night a movie night. The first night in a new home is a great time to relax with your family and your pets to ensure not only your dog or cat is comfortable, but yourself and your family as well. Pile in, get cozy, and relax!

Amber L. Drake opened Canine Companions Boarding and Rehabilitation Services in 2011 to assist pet parents improve the lives of both themselves and their canine companion at an affordable cost. Amber L. Drake offers many services within this business including boarding, behavior modification, nutrition consulting, teaching, public speaking and more.

Photo: Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

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