6 Modern Cat Houses and Spots for Your Chic Friend

Cats: They love a good nook. Whether it’s a cardboard box, under the bed, or even smack in the middle of your morning newspaper, they loves a cozy spot to relax and veg. Problem is, there aren’t very many attractive cat tree/perch/bed options out there that work with an updated decor. Don’t worry! We found a handful of pieces that will make both you and your feline very, very happy.



Original ZEN DEN Cat Hideout, $24
This portable, cozy little spot sets up in a bout 15 seconds and can be moved from one room to the next in a snap…or you can get multiples at this price.



KATRIS Modular Cat Tree, $207
Artwork or cat home? Both. This masterpiece is the focal point of any room but has dozens of nooks for one or more cats to lounge.



CatastrophiCreations Hammock Lounger, $45
This minimalist spot will make everyone happy: Owners will love the simple, wall-mounted design, while cats will love the comfy hammock seating and high vantage point.



Boomer & George Bookshelf Cat Tree, $179
While this one looks like a standard bookshelf, it comes with carpeted surfaces for cats to curl up on as well as two hideaways for when they’re feeling shy.



MiaCarre Torre, $699
Yes, yes, yes…we know this is extremely expensive for a cat perch, but it’s beautiful. If there are any high-design fans looking for a cat furniture, this will work. Scratching post on the side, seat up top, all chic.



Boomer & George Cheshire Modern Cat Bed, $30
The fleece-lined interior will keep them cozy, plus the matching fleece ball underneath will keep them active. Bonus: It’s doubles as a light-duty end table!

Photo: Ethan Weil on Unsplash

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