5 Hacks for Organizing Cat Furniture

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If you’re a cat owner, you know that it doesn’t feel like home without furry friends. Cats are cute, funny and deserve all the love, but sometimes all their gadgets can be overwhelming. Litter boxes are often smelly and ugly and disrupt the flow of your space, but it’s important to keep them easily accessible. It’s possible to make your space functional for both you and your cats. Here are some tips for keeping your place people and pet-friendly.


Provide multiple beds

Cats fall asleep any time of the day, anywhere. It might be worth placing several cat beds across the home so they have many places to nap. It could make the sofa less tempting for them, and they will find comfort in their beds. Placing multiple beds will allow them to change their location, and have a designated comfy place to recharge. You can even buy cat beds that also serve as a side table!





Keep your cats high

Cats love to climb up high, and you can find some giant carpet towers, but they might not be aesthetically pleasing, and you certainly don’t want your cat to be deprived of something they really want! You can place shelves strategically along the wall in different places. Not only does this look stylish, but it will also give your kitty place to hop on and hang out. There are also lots of fun cat furniture lines that are easy on the eyes like Catastrophic Creations and this fun Japanese furniture line.

Placement of litter box

This is one thing with which you need to be careful. Cats are fussy about the litter boxes, so the placement really matters. The litter box should be kept at a distance from noisy and heavily trafficked areas. If you are keeping it in the laundry or utility room, the noise from the washer and dryer might stress out the cat. If your space is limited, then you may consider investing in attractive pieces of furniture designed to hide the litter box.




Hang scratchers in every room

Cats scratch for two reasons-to keep their nails healthy and to mark their territory. They often return to places where they have scratched before. Of course, their scratching can ruin your furniture. To curb this behavior, you can place something in every room to satisfy their scratching instincts. You can invest in scratchers that can be hung on walls, doorknobs or scratch posts which can keep your cats busy. It will save your furniture and keep your cat happy too! Also, you can wrap some twine tightly around table and chair legs in to protect your furniture while making it fun for your cats.


Multi-purpose furniture

There is currently a huge market for cat furniture including tables, chairs, and sofas. Cat wall furniture is also an innovative idea that can open up space in your home. If you invest in multipurpose furniture, then you can place cat items centrally in your rooms.


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