4 Home Design Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Pet’s Accessories

We all want to have polished, pretty homes, but sometimes, our pets make it a little difficult to have every room feel put-together at all times. Dog and cat gear isn’t always the most fashion- or trend-forward (but necessary!), but according to Megan Hopp, there are some ways to incorporate the season’s best home decor pieces into your space. The New York-based interior designer, who is known for her dreamy makeovers and genius small-space ideas, has found four ways to drop a little style into your pet’s must-haves. Read, shop, and decorate away!



Your pet is a part of your family, so it only makes sense to let their dishes match yours. Just how you match your own dishware to your kitchen and home, through color, pattern and texture, make sure to incorporate your pets food and water bowl as well! If you’re nervous about porcelain or ceramic options on the floor, opt for a plastic or enamel piece (something like Anthropologie’s Melamine Storage Bowls would work well) that coordinates with your plates, but won’t make you sweat. Ditch the tired stainless steel look, and go for something that fits into your space and decor as perfectly as perfectly as your pet!



Food and Treat Storage Containers
See through and stay organized! With plastic and translucent containers for your pets food and treats, you’ll never have to guess what’s in the cupboard again. A hodge podge of bags and boxes from different food brands can look messy and chaotic, however streamlining all your tasty treat storage with containers like OXO’s Pop Containers will leave you with a sharp and put-together pantry.



Entryway Storage
Our pets are just about the cutest thing we know, but that may not always be the case with their accessories. When it comes to less-than-perfect pet supplies, I opt for closed storage solutions like the CB2 Hide and Seek Storage Shelf. The perfect nook to hide away your pet supplies is functional, attractive, and won’t leave you tangled in leashes.



Williams Sonoma

Catnip Pots
Think of cat nip as your pets’ very favorite house plant, and that of course means a polished planter to match. You can find a wide array of decorative small vases and planters to suit your home and your pet like this blue & white ceramic option from Williams Sonoma Home. Just because catnip functions doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous, too!


Photo: Megan Hopp Design

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