11 Instagram Pets On-the-Go That’ll Get You Ready for Spring Travel

I think we can all agree it’s been a loooooong winter. Depending on what area of the country you live, it might feel as though spring is really holding out this year (minus a little spring break excursion), but based on what’s happening on Instagram, we’re seeing bits and pieces of it popping up on our favorite feeds.


From fields abloom with flowers and Coachella-like spottings to city jaunts and lakeside camping, these trips prove that these pups (and one pig!) are making getting outside a top priority. Check out of top on-the-go pets (some went far while others stayed local) and maybe find some inspiration get you and yours out and about this month.


Reagandoodle knows the secret to spring: loads and loads of tulips. (Honestly, any flowers will do.) The pup and family hit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and have the awesome photos to prove it.


Rambothepuppy is known for being out and about, but this time, the pup spent the day at the park. (Think back to the last time you ran through one.) Green grass, tall trees, and an abundance of squirrels to chase: What’s not to love?


One-third of 3bulldogges hit the sand recently, and we’re a little jealous. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s the surf, maybe it’s the cute suit.


Hi_im_Chewie is getting some quality Vitamin D time thanks to visit to Santa Anita. We can feel the radiance from here.


Whether or not you made it to Coachella, you can still give festival vibes on your next trip. Brandy_the_pug has a flower-crown-tent situation going that says, “Hey, man. want to hang?”


An always on-the-go Corgi, madmax_fluffyroad shows off her city skills in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Los Angeles may always be temperate and sunny, but that just means it’s excellent inspiration for travel. Minihuskyy is living the pool life, and making us majorly jealous.


Christopher_the_pig stopped off in Toronto and took advantage of a fab selfie spot in Graffiti Alley.


Milliethegolden is on a 24/7 Alaskan adventure, and going lakeside camping is an everyday experience for her. Proof that canine camping can be fun!


Ellathebeandog and her family (both human and canine members) make the beach look heavenly with just the right light and a little bit of breeze.


Miami-based remixthedog maybe lounge by the pool on the reg, but he is also festival-ready at a moment’s notice.

Photo: Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

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